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"Piedmont CASA Volunteers are
ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

Phil Giaramita
Piedmont CASA Volunteer since 2004

A colleague told me about his CASA Volunteer work and encouraged me to learn more about the organization and its role in my community. The more I learned, the more difficult it was to stay uninvolved knowing there were families and children in nearly constant pain who lived as close as the next street.

The work is personal, meaningful, and highly rewarding
When you make a monetary donation to a just cause, you often spend little time thinking about that cause the next day or even expecting that your gift profoundly changed someone's life. The work you do as a CASA Volunteer does not keep you at a distance. It is personal, very meaningful, highly rewarding - and you know from the look reflected in the eyes of the children and families with whom you work that you have changed their lives.

You'll never be the same
What is most important and gratifying about being a CASA Volunteer is learning you are capable of much greater achievements than you ever realized was possible. You learn how to better connect with emotions, better understand and overcome obstacles, better communicate and better convert deeply held values into actions. You not only become a better Volunteer, you become a better spouse, parent and friend. You never again are the same and that is gratifying indeed.

You can change minds and lives
I remember being in a team meeting when it was being decided whether to take three children away from their father, a big strong resolute man who deeply loved his daughters. I knew from my work with the family that this was not in the best interests of the children. I saw the dad reduced to tears so overwhelming that he had to leave the room. Among the team of about a dozen, I alone made the case for keeping the family intact and the opinions of the team changed - the discussion concluded with some additional controls in place to protect the children but with the children together with their dad. That experience highlighted what it means to be an advocate and the value of getting to know more about the family than anyone else at the meeting. Months later, when the case concluded, the dad grabbed me by the hand, looked right at me and said, "Thank you for saving my family."

Join a world-class organization
I would tell a prospective volunteer that they are about to join a world-class organization made up of ordinary people who do extraordinary things. I would tell them they will receive superb and personalized training and support and meet some of the finest people in their community, both as colleagues and as the beneficiaries of their service. I would tell them that their work and opinions carry great influence within the court system and among service providers. Most of all, I would tell them they have a unique opportunity to transform lives, starting with their own.

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