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"It all started with Three Little Words"

Wendy Hubbard
Piedmont CASA Volunteer since 2012

I read the book Three Little Words, a memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter. Ashley spent nine years of her life in fourteen different foster homes as her mother spiraled out of control. As she fell deeper and deeper into the foster care system, a CASA Volunteer/GAL realized the horrors of her situation and advocated for help. She found her a safe adoptive family, and Ashley grew up to write this memoir. In 2000, Ashley was invited to the White House for a meeting with Hilary and President Clinton. Years later, when I was missing my grandchildren who live far away, a friend suggested volunteer work and I remembered the book. I called Piedmont CASA the same day.

I like that my voice matters
Social workers and other caregivers do not always agree with me, but as a CASA Volunteer, it is assumed that I have the children's best interest at heart. And so I am a respected voice on the team, and in the Court.

It feels good to do something
As a new CASA Volunteer, I am still somewhat horrified by some of what I have witnessed. But what do you do with the horror, suffering and pain in the world? It feels very good to do something, even in some small way.

The training is fantastic
Learning to advocate because we cannot control a situation directly is such good practice for life! It is good to know 'real' life outside of our little bubbles and problems, and to hope for and maybe even help create change. Like Three Little Words, if only one child is rescued - and it was the role of CASA that made a difference - there cannot be anything, in my mind, more gratifying.

The Piedmont CASA staff is tremendously supportive
As a Volunteer, I feel tremendous support from the Piedmont CASA staff. It is hard to advocate alone. They provide a wonderful partnership for the Volunteers.

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