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"When I heard about Piedmont CASA,
I knew I'd found the right answer."

Jan Bonner
Piedmont CASA Volunteer since 2008

After my own children were off to college, I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity that would feel like I was really making a difference. It was important to me to find something that was hands-on and face-to-face, where I knew that I was making a true difference to someone in my community. When I heard about CASA, I knew I had found the right answer. Working with a child in need over a lengthy period of time, building a relationship of trust and confidence with that child, and getting to know that family and their needs, was exactly right for me.

We are part of a team making a positive difference
It is so gratifying to be able to see first-hand the positive changes in a child's life. Whether it is the right placement, the right services, a better set of services at school, or an improvement in a family's circumstances, to know that you have been a part of the team that made those differences is so rewarding.

Just knowing someone cares can change a child's life
Of course I would like for every outcome to be the one I advocated for, and the one that turned a child's life around. It doesn't always work that way - but even when the results are not quite what I hoped for, I still know that a child's life has been improved, and that that child has realized that there are people in the world who care deeply about their future. Just making that connection is meaningful, and makes a lifelong impression on the child.

There's no more rewarding way to give your time and your heart
These young ones have so little recourse unless a caring adult steps in to help, and being a part of the needed changes is deeply rewarding for you and life-changing for the child. It is so important that each and every child has the foundation and the tools to achieve their best possible future, and a Piedmont CASA Volunteer has a remarkable opportunity to help make that happen.

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