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"Children need to be safe and secure to believe in hope."

Charles Gross
Piedmont CASA Volunteer since 2008

In my life, I have encountered many children who have not had a chance to experience even simple moments of joy. Joy and a sense of security should be the foundation of every child's life. A child deprived of a happy and loving home won't have much chance of growing up into a happy, positive adult. This is why I became a CASA volunteer.

It is so gratifying to see a child's life transformed
My hope and my goal is to see a child's life transformed from difficult and dangerous to happy, safe, and positive. This is what gives me a deeply felt gratification, and keeps revitalizing my commitment to work with more children in future. This is why I am a CASA volunteer.

Piedmont CASA Volunteers make a real difference
We make a difference by being there for a child who may be in a broken family and who may not have a real friend. We make a difference by being that friend who sees the situation from the child's point of view. We make a difference by speaking on behalf of a child who may not have had any voice or any sense of control of their lives before. We make a difference by putting together a path that might give a child a chance to grow up with hope and a sense of being wanted. This is why I am a CASA Volunteer.

We can change the world, one child at a time
Think about how our community and world might be if every child had a childhood that was safe and secure ... with a few friends to laugh with and affirm them as they are. Every child has to have hope and be able see a future. Being that person that gives a child hope to see themselves with a good future ... that's why I'm a CASA Volunteer.

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