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"We speak for kids who cannot speak for themselves."

Paul Seehaver
Piedmont CASA Volunteer since 2009

I had heard several radio ads regarding the Piedmont CASA program and it sounded very interesting - being able to speak for kids who could not speak for themselves seemed a pretty natural thing to do. When I spoke in person with some of the CASA Supervisors, I began to understand the importance of the work. When I asked questions, I could see how well the program was run, and again, how important the work was. I must say, I was not sure if I had the skill set and emotional strength to do the work, but I thought I needed to try. It was a good decision.

We provide a very finely focused lens for the Judge
The most important thing a CASA Volunteer does is tell the child's story to the Judge with a perspective that speaks exclusively to the best interest of the child. Of the many people involved in a child's case, only the CASA Volunteer has the unique role of being able to do that. Our story does not need to meet the needs of public policy, or the interest of the county, or the parents, or anyone other than the child. We provide a very finely focused lens for the judge regarding the child. But I think the most gratifying thing about being a CASA Volunteer is getting to know the children and watching them grow as their situation improves - and seeing their best interest served.

No one else on the case has the same freedom and access
As a CASA Volunteer, I know we make a difference on several levels. First, we make a difference by giving the Judge an unencumbered view of the child. Our reports are fact-based and in the best interest of the child - no one else involved in the case has the freedom and the access to do that. Second, by advocating and speaking for the child, we give that child a voice. Third, we get to model positive adult behaviors, behaviors that are not neglectful or abusive.

The difference we make will live for a lifetime
It is sometimes difficult to learn the stuff these kids have experienced. And in working on a case, there are sometimes obstacles, controversies, and challenges. But it is so rewarding - because our work makes a difference in the life of the child. And that difference will live for a lifetime - the lifetime of the child.

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